Digital ideas for 1:1 CONCERTS 03. July 2021


A 1:1 CONCERT is a truly analog format - yet why not enhance the experience with digital ideas? In May 2021, students of class C of the MA Digital Narratives at ifs Internationale Filmschule Köln developed digital narrative prototypes for the 1:1 CONCERTS experience.

During this production exercise, six students were led by lecturer Christoph Brosius to work with agile production techniques and develop prototype ideas on how to digitally extend the experience before and after the analog 1:1 CONCERT.

Ifs International Filmschule Köln is an artistically and scientifically oriented institution for media professionals and was founded in 2000 as a non-profit company. The ifs programm includes the Bachelor's programme in Film with a focus on Screenwriting, Directing, Creative Producing, Cinematography, Editing Image & Sound, VFX & Animation and Production Design as well as the international Master's programmes Serial Storytelling, Digital Narratives, 3D Animation for Film & Games and new Entertainment Producing and Film.  The hallmarks of ifs are namely courage and the determination for permanent development and change with a clear focus on the future media developments.

Two of our artistic directors – Franziska Ritter and Christian Siegmund – accompanied the workshop: "While during the last pandemic year, culture was banished almost exclusively digitally "behind the screens", the small but surprising concert format 1:1 CONCERTS offered live musical experiences to a wide public. An integral part of the concept is the „real“ encounter of proximity from a distance. Therefore, the collaboration with students of the M.A. "Digital Narratives" didn't seem the obvious cooperation at the beginning, but the idea of connecting the digital with the analog made us very curious - and we were incredibly surprised along the way!”

These are the results of the Production Exercise:

»Brain Controlled Lights«

by Christina »XaosPrincess« Kinne

I have been incredibly inspired by 1:1 Concerts‘ CONCERTS‘ artistic attention to detail – especially by the Le Corbusier-inspired framing of their performance space. Contemplating how I might be able to make this idea light up even more, I was overjoyed to find the most wonderful use for a technology that has fascinated me for a long time: Brain Computer Interfaces. Using the Muse EEG Headband and an Arduino Microcontroller, I direct the signal flow of the listener’s brainwaves to a LED Strip that frames the performance space while illustrating as an additional light mix how the musical performance influences the listener’s emotions. My heartfelt gratitude goes to 1:1 Concerts CONCERTS for this amazing inspiration, to my dear friend and super coder Kreolis for helping me translate my idea into computer language, and last not least to my dear friend and favorite violinist Valentina Cieslar for making the recording of our prototype such an unforgettably mesmerizing experience!

»Social Media Design and Brand Building«

by Rianne Cox

1:1 CONCERT’s new social media prototype is designed to establish a visual brand core and provide easily accessible and understandable information to anyone interested in what the organization does and how they can be a part of it.

[su_vimeo url="" width="840"]

»The Resonating Eye – Where Music meets the Eye«

by Eliane Eid

This concept’s main target is to create a bridge between the musician and the listener.T hrough the power of eyes, audio and photography, all the members of the 1 to 1 experience will end up with a souvenir that reminds them how important our connection can be. By merging both eyes, and adding additional information in an interactive format, the audience and the musician will have something to take back home! How the idea concept will take place: after scanning or taking a picture of the listener’s eyes,the eyes of both listener and musician will be collected digitally and will be sent to the listener and musician in order to share the power of connectivity and solidarity. This will help explore how beautiful eye portraits can develop or even how they might complete each other by creating a new world based on those two different irises. Those eyes will be the connection between the heart, the music and the soul. The image of the eyes will lead you to the information of the concert along with the musician’s name and the song that was played, as well as a chance to leave a digital message for the musician.

»The simplicity of space, the frame of an intimate music language«

by Alexandra Tamayo

The power of 1:1 CONCERTS is based on the analog experience of living in the present moment. Aspects like eye contact, non-verbal communication, and close distance creatively emphasize the intimacy of the encounter. The simple but special venue unifies the unforgettable experience of two strangers sharing the gift of music. I am fascinated with the concept of space and how it contributes to generating sensations for the participant during the journey. To expand the concert experience, I wanted to explore the potential of spaces in order to trigger emotions before the listeners actually book the session. My 360 video project is based on contrast; from living in closer spaces full of digital interactions to enjoying a wider scenario with the analog delight of a performer, the music, and yourself. Through three 360 video stories, I focus on highlighting how these two scenarios together create a sensation of the enclosure, at first and then the feeling of liberation and openness. Outdoors or indoors unexpected places become the perfect intimate performance. The opportunity of freely exploring the simplicity but evolving characteristics of where 1:1 CONCERTS are taking place could encourage the user to try something new before booking the experience. This content will be found on social media and also is part of the 1:1 CONCERTS App.

»1:1 App«

by Rianne CoxEliane EidAlex Tamayo

From login access to 1:1 news, the app created by Rianne, Eliane and Alex is a hub that can gather all information in one place. We wanted to produce a space that can have it all. Users can book a concert, catch up on 1:1 news, communicate with the team, and get a preview of a 1:1 CONCERT experience, all in the same app. While keeping the aesthetics of the experience, the 1:1 app mirrors the narrative of the concerts. Focused on a main menu bar, the app introduces you to different sections that help the users get the most information out of their experience.

»Sound Triggered Tubes«

by Changzhen Zheng

Sound triggered tubes is an interactive installation that allows the user to alter various rhythms and colors of the LED tubes by making different sounds and vibrations. At the same time, the listener can be a viewer and also have a deeper emotional connection with the musician before and after experiencing the interactive installation. Furthermore, the listener can prepare his or her ears and eyes even before the concert. User Journey & Description: The listener enters the concert by the host. Before entering the main room, there is a hallway with blinded windows. Lights go off, the listener is asked to interact, make sounds and vibrations with the tubes before going to the room to start the concert. The host leaves, the guest starts to interact with the tubes. The whole experience lasts for about 1-2 minutes, several microphones surround the listener. Whenever the listener makes sounds from certain directions, the microphones will record the sound and the tubes will react to movements or different colors. Eventually, all the lights go on and the listener is invited to enter the room where the musician is waiting on a chair.

»Haptische Hände«

by Cathal Kerins

For a 1:1 CONCERT, a host is an emotional companion and instigator of the experience. Hands are a cross-cultural symbol of greeting and connection. They are also the medium through which musicians play their instrument. This combination of music and human connection is symbolized through the hands and accentuated through the vibration of the hands which raises the anticipation of participant and host. The contrast of silence and sound and the non-verbal communication are enhanced through this invisible connection to the hand of the other. Holding the hand during the procession to the concert allows for a tactile conversation to take place, connecting the participant more fully to the others present. This allows for the intensity of the human connection to be raised without physically touching the other person, all the while allowing for a tactile sense of touch to happen between host and participant. Hands are the touching organ and Haptische Hände allows for us to touch each other once again and feel the connection without breaking personal space and boundaries.

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