About us

Laura Ruiz Ferreres (Klarinette) bei einem der ersten 1:1 CONCERTS, Sommerkonzerte-Festival im thüringischen Kloster Volkenroda, 2019

Laura Ruiz Ferreres (Klarinette), Kloster Volkenroda, 2019

© Astis Krause

In a 1:1 CONCERT, 1 musician and 1 listener meet for 10 minutes of music. This "blind date" at unusual concert venues is a surprise for both sides: artist, composer, work or instrument are not revealed in advance. The musician decides which piece will be played individually and situationally in the "moment": wordless eye contact is the impulse for a very personal concert at eye level - an intensive shared experience. We also conquer new terrain far away from the concert hall through unusual venues - whether art gallery, swimming pool, allotment garden or cocktail bar - any place can be transformed into a stage.

The project has created many special musical encounters with over 20,000 concerts around the world since 2019. More than 2,500 participants - many of them working in an honorary capacity as hosts, musicians or organisers - and around 30 orchestra sponsorships form a global community that is committed to sustainable cultural preservation, quality of encounters, resilience and mindfulness. 1:1 CONCERTS is thus much more than a concert format: a movement, a platform, a network. The goal is a new, local and easy access to music, the creation of resonance spaces and the promotion of a diverse independent scene.

Free admission - for a good cause! Attendance at a 1:1 CONCERT is always free of charge - voluntary donations from listeners go to the non-profit 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. or other charitable projects. The money is used to support artists who have lost their income due to the cancellation of all performances due to the corona and are threatened in their existence.

Daniel Burmeister (Viola), Lübeck

© Paula Winterberg

1:1 CONCERT mit Blick auf die Skyline von Manhattan

1:1 CONCERT mit Blick auf die Skyline von Manhattan

© Ed Lefkowitz

Who is behind it?

As an interdisciplinary team, we have been working together in various constellations for many years. With great enthusiasm for playing, we break new ground in the design of musical experience spaces, such as at the summer concert festival in Thuringia, where the 1:1 CONCERTS were also tested for the first time in 2019. With our projects, we explore the diverse relationships between music, space and people in new and different ways.

We are available:
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Phone +49 (0)30-31484033
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Franziska Ritter

artistic direction & executive committee

Franziska Ritter is a scenographer and studied architecture at the TU Berlin and the University of North London. She is a research associate of the Department of Stage Design & Scenic Space at TU Berlin and works as a lecturer for exhibition design and theatre construction at different universities. She is a representative and currently the leading member of the project of Digitality and New Technologies of the Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft. "Im/material Theatre Spaces - Augmented and Virtual Reality for Theatre". Moreover, she played as a flutist and is founding member for Ensemble Opus 45.

Tel: +49 (0)30-31484031

Christian Siegmund

artistic direction & executive committee

Christian Siegmund is a cultural mediator. He came into contact with classical music at an early age and learned piano and cello. He studied linguistics and literature as well as literary translation in Vienna, Florence and Munich. In addition to translating into various languages, he works as a purser for Lufthansa German Airlines. In March 2019 he was involved in the project "Listening differently" at Frankfurt's Alte Oper as a facilitator for Marina Abramović. He now lives in Berlin, where he runs a private art and music salon "Salon S", an experimental space for interdisciplinary artistic encounters.

Tel: +49 (0)30-31488614

Stephanie Winker


Stephanie is a flutist and professor of music at the HfMDK Frankfurt/Main and initiator and founding board member of 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. She was solo flutist at the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig, among others, and tours internationally with her wind quintet Ma'alot.

Heike Bebenroth

1:1 Team Assistence I Berlin

Since 2020, Heike is an integral part of the 1:1 team and, as a trained retail saleswoman, clerk and event manager, has a wide range of experience with the organisational tasks of 1:1 CONCERTS. Tel.: 030-31484033

Imke Valentien

1:1 Team Stuttgart

Imke and her gallery Imke Valentien have been hosts from the very beginning and organise the 1:1 CONCERTS in Stuttgart together with Jonas.

Jonas Khalil

Jonas Khalil

1:1 Team Stuttgart

Jonas is a guitarist and, in addition to his solo concert activities, a sought-after chamber musician. His musical versatility is also evident in his passion for heavy metal as the lead electric guitarist of the band "Sacred Steel".

Annette Walther

1:1 Team Bremen

Annette is a violinist and founding member of the Signum Quartet. She teaches at the 'Louis Spohr' Music Academy in Kassel. Annette initiated the premiere of 1:1 CONCERTS in Düsseldorf and Bremen. annette.walther@1to1concerts.de

Anna-Lea Rebholz

Anna-Lea Rebholz

1:1 Team Lübeck

Anna-Lea is a violist, a member of ensemble reflektor and a freelance orchestra and chamber musician. She is a 1:1 initiator of the Hanseatic City and was awarded the Alumni Prize of the University of Music Lübeck in 2021.

Elke Uta Rusch

1:1 Team München

Elke is an oboist and 1:1 pioneer in Munich as well as at the Burg & Bühne Festival. She works as a public relations officer for the Bavarian youth education center has played for many years in the ensemble Opus 45. muenchen@1to1concerts.de

Heiderose Gerberding

1:1 Team Brandenburg / Havel

Heiderose is a culture and media manager and music librarian. She is a freelance pianist, church musician, photographer, translator, Norwegian lecturer and author.

Anke Heyn

1:1 Team Staatskapelle Dresden

Anke is a cellist and member of the orchestra board of the Staatskapelle Dresden. As part of the "Ensemble Bento" she is always looking for new sound experiences. Anke Heyn is a 1:1 pioneer in Dresden.

Caroline Jahns

1:1 Team Düsseldorf

Caroline is a soprano, vocal teacher and spokesperson for the Coalition of the Free Scene Frankfurt/Main. Among other things, she organizes the 1:1 CONCERTS in Frankfurt/Main, Düsseldorf and St. Faust.

Ruth Gierten

Ruth Gierten-Hollingshaus

1:1 Team Frankfurt a.M.

Ruth is a violinist and is particularly interested in contemporary music. Since 2011 she has been pursuing a busy concert schedule with the Kubus Quartet at home and abroad. In the season 2014/2015 Ruth Gierten was academist of the 1st violins in the Hessian State Orchestra Wiesbaden. frankfurt@1to1concerts.de

Léa Villeneuve

1:1 Team Frankfurt a.M.

Léa is a flutist and 1:1 organiser in the Frankfurt area. She regularly performs as a substitute with orchestras such as the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, teaches and plays chamber music. In 2021-2022, Léa expanded 1:1 CONCERTS as a team assistant, organising concerts in her native France among other things, but also and above all setting up the interdisciplinary 1:1 PERFORMANCES for the HfMDK.

Sylvia Demgenski

Sylvia Demgenski

1:1 Team Frankfurt a.M.

Sylvia is a (baroque) cellist in Frankfurt am Main and active in several ensembles, such as the Duo Raimondi Demgenski, the Trio Radiant and the Kammerphilharmonie Frankfurt. She was one of the founders of the concert series Barock² and the 1:1 CONCERTS of the Freie Szene Frankfurt. In addition to her artistic activities, she teaches freelance and at the Frankfurt Music School.

Tom Ritschel

1:1 Team Chemnitz

Tom stands for innovative learning systems and workshop formats, e.g. at TOMINO. As a passionate method developer, coach and project manager, he helps teams to develop their full potential.

Martina Natter

1:1 Team Innsbruck

Martina is head of music education at the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck.

Johanna Knöpfle

1:1 Team Salem

Johanna is a visual artist and sculptor. Together with her husband Matthias, she curates the Salem exhibition spaces for contemporary art.


Sally Walker

1:1 Team Australia

Sally is a flutist and at home on all the world's great stages. She pioneered bringing 1:1 CONCERTS to Australia. She is a Senior Lecturer in Classical Performance (Woodwind) at the Australian National University and has a long history of working with the Australian Chamber Orchestra as a guest flutist.

Mio Wakamatsu

1:1 Team Japan

Mio studied viola in Germany und Japan As a 1:1 pioneer she brought 1:1 CONCERTS to Tokyo and Kyoto.

Laura Ruiz Ferreres

1:1 Team Spanien

Professor of clarinet at the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and clarinet soloist at the Oxford Philharmonic (United Kingdom).

Our cooperation partners

All our projects take place in cooperation with strong partners - first and foremost renowned orchestras and cultural institutions that have made the 1:1 CONCERTS a globally recognised format. The many venues and hosts who open their doors on a voluntary basis are also one of the important columns of our project work. We say thank you!

Ein pandemisches Format?! Aufbau in der Galerie Morat, Berlin 2020

© Astis Krause

What we have already achieved and where the journey is going

More than 20,000 benefit concerts all over the world have made real encounters possible and created closeness despite distance. With overwhelming press coverage - from ZDF heute journal to the New York Times - we were able to draw attention to the difficult situation of freelance musicians in Corona times and create a community that has become a real movement. Among more than 1000 applications, the project was awarded Culture and Creative Pilots by the German government in 2020. We are a 2021 laureate of the internationally renowned Classical:Next Awards and were nominated for the Opus-Klassik Prize in 2021. In 2021, we were able to personally draw attention to the situation of cultural workers during the pandemic at the Citizens' Talks hosted by Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier. 

We are constantly developing our format, adding new disciplines - such as puppetry, dance and artistry at the 1:1 Festival in Stuttgart - or working across genres towards jazz or contemporary music. We have also organised wine tastings in a 1:1 format. In the meantime, as organisers we can offer many freelance musicians a fairly paid stage!

How it all began

The 1:1 CONCERTS were initiated even before the pandemic by flutist Stephanie Winker, scenographer Franziska Ritter, cultural mediator Christian Siegmund and architect Sophie von Mansberg and touched many people at the chamber music festival Sommerkonzerte Volkenroda in summer 2019. Despite or perhaps because of the pandemic restrictions, the format has been proving its special quality and resonance since 2020. In the spring of 2020, the three initiators, together with strong publicly financed orchestra partners such as the Stuttgart State Orchestra, the SWR Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart, the Staatskapelle Dresden and the Dresden Philharmonic, the Erfurt Theatre, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Frankfurt Museum Orchestra and many others, developed a cooperation model that builds on solidarity and creates a new cycle of giving. Permanent orchestral musicians donate their time and music, hosts provide time and space, listeners donate to freelance artists in need. The format has travelled around the world, stopping in Australia, India, Japan and America with partners such as the Washington National Opera and the BAM Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York. 

In order to lead the 1zu1 format into the future, Christian, Franziska and Stephanie founded the non-profit 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., based in Berlin, in spring 2021. 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. actively acts as a promoter and thus directly creates paid performance opportunities for independent musicians, financed through project funding, fundraising and donations.