Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2021 Winner 10. January 2022


We are very pleased to be honoured with the Classical:NEXT Innovation Award 2021! Many thanks to the 1:1 community all over the world who, in tireless voluntary work, have helped to ensure that the 1:1 CONCERTS with their small and fine musical encounters have given live music, magic and resonance to many people.

The Classical:NEXT Innovation Award raises awareness of forward-thinking projects taking place around the world, as nominated by the dedicated Nominating Committee. For the 2021 Innovation Award, 18 music journalists and experts from 16 countries and every continent make up the Committee.

Congratulations, Parabéns! Sveikiname! to the other award winning projects:
- Conexão Heliópolis (Heliópolis Connection) by Instituto Baccarelli (Brazil)
- Kultūra į kiemus (Culture to the Yards) (Lithuania)
- these bones, this flesh, this skin by Scottish Ensemble (UK)

More information:

Here you can find the interview that pianist Andreas Kern conducted with our three artistic directors Franziska Ritter, Christian Siegmund and Stephanie Winker:

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