Berlin Calling! Join the Crowdfunding! 25. April 2023


Anne-Claire Dani (Cello) bei einem 1:1 CONCERT.

© Volkmar Otto

1:1 CONCERTS are coming back to Berlin! 

In June, the Theater im Palais Berlin is offers many beautiful readings, theatre performances and discussions as part of the Heimat_Kunst theme week. Our musicians will musically explore the themes of homeland and exile and open up surprising spaces for encounters in otherwise hidden places behind the scenes - e.g. in the cloakroom, in the signal box, in the Costume Design Studio!

Our goal is 50 concerts - currently we can only finance 15 concerts. Help us with your donation to enable even more Berliners to attend these concerts with free admission and to pay more musicians fairly. Every donation helps - thank you for your support!

This is our first crowdfunding via Facebook and we are looking forward to turn this into a very special experience, together with you and the 1:1 COMMUNITY.

You can also use the donation button here to make a convenient donation via Paypal:

Alternatively, you can also support the musicians by bank transfer:

IBAN: DE56430609671208500500

Book you concert here as of 15 May 2023!

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