„Melancholia“ Seductions at the Labyrinth 30. November 2023


Jonas Urbat (TUBA | Elektronik) beim 1:1 CONCERT.

© Matteo Pablo Varisco

For all my straying was a path to you.

This last line from Hermann Hesse's poem "To Melancholy" wonderfully reflects the resonance of our Berlin autumn project. It was both melancholic and exciting at the same time when on Sunday 12 November 2023 our 1to1 concert format was part of the Berlin artist collective 1781 COLLECTIVE for the first time at the 5th edition of LABYRINTH-Wandel-Performances: a musical ghost train through the deep underground vaults of the Musikbrauerei Berlin.

in tune with the chilly and gloomy season, this year's event was themed "MELANCHOLIA". The 800 visitors were treated to a veritable cabinet of curiosities with countless musical and artistic installations, concerts and performances! A total of 26 leading Berlin artists presented the entire spectrum of classical music and performance art in their micro-performances. The performance series, now firmly established in the cultural life of the capital, offers an audience experience in which each individual can create their very own experience - depending on which individual path they take through the underground labyrinth.

Lageplan des verschlungenen Labyrinths, die 1:1 CONCERTS fanden im BALLROOM statt.

© 1781 Collective

Laurence Gaudreau (Violoncello)

© Christian Siegmund

Of course, the 1:1 CONCERTS were not to be missed at this exciting event. Of the 800 guests in total, 20 listeners had the chance to enjoy a unique 1:1 CONCERT experience. And there was even an exciting twist: our artistic directors Franziska and Christian took on the role of hosts and developed it especially for the LABYRINTH. As 1:1 SEDUCERS, they spontaneously seduced selected listeners from the audience, with silent gestures and glances for a very personal blind date.

Lässt Du Dich von Franziska und Christian zum 1:1 CONCERT verführen?

Lässt Du Dich von Franziska und Christian zum 1:1 CONCERT verführen?

© Silvia Vitali

In the gloomy cellar darkness, the 1:1 SETTING in the large former brewery vault - the BALLROOM - became the glowing red heart chamber of the labyrinth. The surprise musician was the sound magician and tuba player Jonas Urbat, who captivated the guests with the warm and deep sounds of his instrument in a particularly intimate way. Even before the 1:1 eye contact, Jonas invited the listeners into a shared audio/sound space via special headphones. He then played a version of his piece "Journey" that was customised entirely according to the individual eye contact. Paired with loops and sound effects that were generated live via the microphones attached to the instrument, the audience had the chance to experience the tuba with Jonas in all its facets.

Im roten Herz der Dunkelheit - dem ehemaligen Brauereigewölbe und heutigem BALLROOM - mit Jonas Urbat

© Franziska Ritter
Jonas Urbat verzaubert eine entführte Hörerin zum 1:1 CONCERT mit Tuba und Elektronik.

Jonas Urbat verzaubert eine entführte Hörerin zum 1:1 CONCERT mit Tuba und Elektronik.

© Matteo Pablo Varisco

We look forward to being part of the LABYRINTH collective again next autumn. Which musicians, which seducers and in which setting will remain a secret until the very end. Stay tuned and let us seduce you again soon!

Alexey Kochetkov mit seiner fünfseitigen E-Geige (@5string.theory)

© Jim Kroft

Die Performerinnen Valentina Migliorati & Marie Zechiel gemeinsam beeindrucken mit einer Interpretation zu Pablo Casals "Gesang der Vögel", gespielt von Cellistin Cicely Parnas

© Jim Kroft

Cellist Moritz Ebert und Performerin Riley Davidson

© Charlie Zhang

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