More 1:1 PERFORMANCES at the HfMDK in November!

The music, acting and dance students of the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts will perform 1:1 PERFORMANCES again in November! At the “New Music Night 3.0 – so far so near”, the interdisciplinary encounters could be experienced for the first time in April 2021 and thrilled the audience. In July, a series of 20 performances took place at the Haus am Dom. Now there will again be interdisciplinary 1:1 PERFORMANCES on three Sundays in November.

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The 1:1 PERFORMANCES of the HfMDK are supported by the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the HfMDK e.V.

Aline Aubert, Ariadni Agnanti, Konrad Amrhein, Carmen Artaza, Gabriele Ascani, Julian Böttcher, Joseph Defant, Carolin Grün, Gil Hoz-Klemme, Eunbin Kim, Olga Koring, Abril Lukac, Nora Solcher, Emil Riedel, Regina Reiter, Léa Villeneuve.

Stephanie Winker (flute and initiator of the project)
Dieter Heitkamp (dance)
Hans-Ulrich Becker (direction)
Silke Rüdinger (acting/recitation)
Henriette Meyer-Ravenstein (singing)
supported by Karin Dietrich (dramaturgy IzM)

Organised by Léa Villeneuve.
@Credit photo Léa Villeneuve