Volkenroda - Sommerkonzerte 26.08. - 27.08.2022

Laura Ruiz Ferreres (Klarinette) bei einem der ersten 1:1 CONCERTS, Sommerkonzerte-Festival im thüringischen Kloster Volkenroda, 2019

Laura Ruiz Ferreres (Klarinette), Kloster Volkenroda, 2019

© Astis Krause

Here, the 1:1 CONCERTS were born long before the pandemic in 2019 during the chamber music festival Sommerkonzerte Volkenroda. The concerts have already returned twice to their place of origin and will once again to be a highlight of the festival programme at the upcoming Summer Concert Weekend at the Volkenroda Monastery in Thuringia. Again on 27th and 28th August 2022, many surprising 1:1 encounters will be offered at surprising venues with the musicians of the festival ensemble.

Andreas Siegmund, host (Volkenroda):

As a host and facilitator I was able to experience many emotionally touching moments: intimate encounters between two people who have never met each other before and yet became an entity for one moment in time. People experienced music as they have never before. The magic of the moment – as short as it may be – lasts for a very long time”.

Admission to the 1:1 concerts during the Volkenroda Summer Concerts is free of charge and can also be booked without a festival ticket; donations to the non-profit 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. are most welcome.




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Friday 26.08.2022 - Remise (ehemalige Pforte, gegenüber der Klosterkirche)

Saturday 27.08.2022 - Remise (ehemalige Pforte, gegenüber der Klosterkirche)



Sopran: Christina Landshamer, Viola: Sascha Frömbling, Tobias Reifland, Cello: Panu Sundqvist, Amy Norrington, Anke Heyn, Cembalo: Flóra Fábri, Querflöte: Stephanie Winker, Léa Villeneuve, Klarinette: Jonathan Groß, Fagott: Moritz Winker


Christian Siegmund, Andreas Siegmund, Claudia Schmidt, Brigitte Wieners, Dagmar Streibl, Sophie von Mansberg, Franziska Ritter, Ute Heimrod, Léa Villeneuve, Heiner Winker, Ursel Winker, Kristina Lohe, Ingrid Hassberg


Das Berliner 1:1 Team

Franziska Ritter, Christian Siegmund and Heike Bebenroth have already organized over 1000 concerts in Berlin and other cities.

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