Leipzig 01.06. - 31.07.2020

Anne Wiechmann-Milatz (Viola)

© Anne Schwerin

At the suggestion of Gewandhaus musicians, Notenspur Leipzig e.V. organised a series of 1:1CONCERTS in Leipzig in June and July 2020.
There are no concerts at the moment.

Anne Wiechmann-Milatz, viola (Gewandhausorchester ):

Playing the 1:1 CONCERTS was a very emotional experience for me. The silent opening is characterised by a deep eye contact that you cannot withdraw from. It establishes a very special relationship between the player and the listener and how I then choose to play the piece comes spontaneously. Sometimes we parted with joyous laughter, sometimes seriously and thoughtfully. And one time we both parted with tears in our eyes. It is a great experience for both sides to experience music in such a special way.

Fotos: (c) Anne Schwerin

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04288 leipzig

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Atelier Strobel / Rudolphi Körnerplatz 1
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Deutsches Musikarchiv/Zentrum-Südost Deutscher Platz 1
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