Japan 23.11. - 16.12.2021

Tokyo © Ayako Dohzono

On the initiative of violist Mio Wakamatsu, 1:1 CONCERTS have been offered regularly in Japan since November 2020. Mio was fascinated by the 1:1 CONCERTS and the similarity to the Japanese tea ceremony ichi-go ichi-e and inspired other musicians to join in.  

The first concerts took place at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo, which also supported the project. Other hosts and venues were quickly added, such as the workshop of the violin maker Il Violino Magico and the concert hall Kasumicho Ongakudo. In 2021, the concert series was also established in Kyoto, with the first concerts also taking place there at the Goethe Institute. 

During the Corona period, the free concerts were also used to raise funds for independent musicians in Japan who suffered particularly badly from the effects of the pandemic. The donations were forwarded in cooperation with the GB Fund.

We are currently working on the realisation of further concerts in Japan and are looking for sponsors and supporters for the project. Please feel free to contact us: tokyo@1to1concerts.de

Yuichiro Koizumi, a Japanese 1:1 listener, describes his impressions like this:

The vibrating sound of the violin released feelings that I have might have suppressed subconsciously for a long time. An authentic and pure joy buried deep inside was literally ignited like fireworks.

Happo-EnPark Tokyo, Ryuta Iwase (Klarinette)

Happo-EnPark Tokyo, Ryuta Iwase (Klarinette)

© Mio Wakamatsu


Goethe-Institut Tokyo 5-56, Akasaka 7-Chōme Minato 5-56
107-0052 tokio

Il Violino Magico Sendagaya 3-16, 5-Chōme Shibuya, Tokyo Japan 3-16
151-0051 tokio

Kasumicho Ongakudo Minato City, Nishiazabu, 4 Chome−2−6 RYOWA PALACE
106-0031 tokio

Goethe-Institut Kyoto Yoshidakawaracho Sakyo 19-2
606-8305 Japan


Mio Wakamatsu - Viola
Myuko Ishigami - Violine
Natsu Takehara - Violine
Shohei Uwamori - Violoncello
Ayumi Yamagishi - Violoncello
Toshiyuki Shibata - Traverse flute
Miyuki Urin - Flute
Megumi Mori - Piano
Ryuta Iwase - Clarinet
Shinsuke Ishihara - Marimba


Mio Wakamatsu plays the viola and has been organising the concerts in Japan since 2020.