Heilbronn - Capital of Consequencelessness 17.09.2022

Thomas Leyendecker (Posaune) © Cee Cee Berlin

Let's resonate! Inconsequence and music?

Together with the musicians of the WKO - Württemberg Chamber Orchestra and local freelance musicians, 1:1 CONCERTS are about to conquer the city of Heilbronn.

From May 2022 to April 2023, Heilbronn will turn into the Capital of Consequencelessness. This twelve months discursive art and urban development project strives for answeros of how we want to live in the future - against the backdrop of pressing challenges such as climate change and global inequality. What does a life look like that has no negative consequences for other people or other living beings? Could a consequence-free life style even become a new, regulatory ideal? Are freedom, equality and justice - even though seemingly unattainable - still worth striving for? What effects would the pursuit of inconsequence have on the material and immaterial organisation of our everyday lives, on the economic and social order, on our faith, on the way we treat each other? Could a farewell to success-driven life be an objective worth striving for? Or inconsequence as success?  

On 17 September 2022, 1:1 CONCERTS will turn Heilbronn into the CAPITAL CITY OF RESONANCE.

Extraordinary spaces will again turn into powerful artistic venues - be it a financial institution, an allotment garden or a recycling yard. Ecologically inconsequential yet resonating in the hearts of the people of Heilbronn for a long time to come. The two artistic directors of 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., Franziska Ritter and Christian Siegmund:

"Music as an immaterial art form seems at first inconsequential in its fleetingness, because it fades away in space. Is that inconsequential? From our point of view, this cannot be its intention, because music is never without consequence: it always touches, challenges, moves, connects and creates resonance! With 1:1 CONCERTS, we are conquering Heilbronn and turning it into the capital of of resonance.

Under the patronage of Heilbronn's Mayor Harry Mergel, numerous actors and institutions from Heilbronn are organizing a series of exhibitions, lectures, concerts, festivals, performances - an "Association of Consequenceless" all revolving around (not)-doing and avoiding. At the centre of the urban spectacle is a citizens' scholarship - an experiment in joyful omission - the "Scholarship for Doing Nothing at All".

Further information and events: www.bund-der-folgenlosen.de




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Saturday 17.09.2022 - Nähe St. Peter und Paul

Saturday 17.09.2022 - Nähe Festplatz Theresienwiese (nicht barrierefrei)

Saturday 17.09.2022 - Nähe Uhlandplatz (barrierearm)

Saturday 17.09.2022 - im Villenviertel (barrierarm)

Saturday 17.09.2022 - Nähe Kilianskirche (barrierearm)

Saturday 17.09.2022 - Nähe Jüdischer Friedhof / Am Fuße des Wartbergs (barrierefrei)

In the evening, at 10 p.m., we invite all listeners and participants to a get-together in the foyer of the Heilbronn Youth Hostel (address: Paula-Fuchs-Allee 3) - in cooperation with the tea shop TeeGschwendner.


Over the past two years, more than 20,000 benefit concerts all over the world have made proximity possible for many people despite distance - especially when culture was banished behind the screens due to the pandemic. With the appeal for donations and the great voluntary commitment of orchestra partners and all participants, it was possible to support many freelance musicians who were existentially challenged by the pandemic. Places in the concerts are limited, so it is advisable to book quickly. Admission is free, but donations to 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. to support freelance musicians are requested.


Götz Engelhardt (Viola, WKO)
Rebecca Boyer (Violin, WKO)
Konstanze Felber-Faur (Violin, WKO)
Blake Thomson (Double Bass, WKO)
Jonas Khalil (Guitar)
Jelena Engelhardt (Harp)
Bianca Alecu (Flute)
Carla Kühne (Viola)
Moritz Beck (Guitar)
Maki Kalesse-Sugano (Oboe)
Léa Villeneuve (Flute)

The 100 mini-concerts take place at unusual venues that are in the thrall of inconsequence. However, the location also remains a secret until a concert is booked online! Many Heilbronn institutions were immediately enthusiastic about the idea and will open their doors as hosts for this special experience. Among them are the stacks of the City Archive, the Theresienturm, the Kreissparkasse, the Hotel Park Villa, Großer Ratssaal and the Botanical Orchard. On 17 September between 10 am and 9 pm, these places will be transformed into artistic places of power - ecologically inconsequential, but emotionally all the more consequential. 


Sascha Straub, Cindy Müller, Ulrich Frey, Hannegret Halter, Miriam Eberlein, Hans-Peter Gaupp, Michaela Ruof, Karl-Josef Jochim, Vivien Schwarz, Léa Villeneuve, Christian Siegmund, Franziska Ritter, Philipp Wolpert, Tobias Frühauf


Das Berliner 1:1 Team

Franziska Ritter, Christian Siegmund and Heike Bebenroth have already organized over 1000 concerts in Berlin and other cities.

We can be reached at: team@1to1concerts.de