Brandenburg an der Havel 16.09. - 17.09.2022

Geigerin Antje Weltzer-Pauls

© Oliver Karaschewski

In 2022 the Technische Hochschule Brandenburg an der Havel (Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences) is celebrating its 30th anniversary: three decades of high-quality research and unversity education in the region. As one of this year's highlights, on the 16th & 17th of Septembre, the university is inviting local musicians to perform 1:1 CONCERTS. With this special concert format, the THB presents itself as a venue that wanders “off the beaten track” as it is usually rather associated with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science or ophthalmic optics.

Geigerin Antje Weltzer-Pauls im Audimax der TH Brandenburg

© Oliver Karaschewski

Host Heiderose Gerberding:

We want to enable unique concert experiences for people in Brandenburg an der Havel who otherwise perceive our university predominantly as a place for teaching and research.




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Friday 16.09.2022 - Audimax TH Brandenburg

Saturday 17.09.2022 - Audimax TH Brandenburg


Audimax TH Brandenburg Hosts: Heiderose Gerberding
Magdeburger Str. 51
14770 brandenburg


Hugo Fernandez (Jazz guitar)
Kirstin Maria Pientka (Viola)
Antje Weltzer-Pauls (Violin)
Fabio Caggese (Double Bass)


Heiderose Gerberding, TH Brandenburg

If you would like to support the project as a host, musician or with a new venue, please contact us by e-mail.