Baden-Baden 05.02.2022

1:1 CONCERTS at the Takeover Festival in Baden Baden

As part of the young Takeover Festival, many 1:1 CONCERTS will be performed by musicians of the SWR Symphony Orchestra at four different locations in Baden-Baden on 5 February 2022. The festival deals with questions about the future and is aimed in particular at young adults and explores their access to culture: How great are the threshold fears here, how great is the curiosity about one's own creativity? Takeover is meant quite literally: young adults grab the house, technology and stage and start the future on the spot: with interactive formats, a forest hike with DJ, dance, workshops and concerts on the famous opera stage. Whether it's an SWR ensemble, a dancer from Denmark, a music mediator from Amsterdam or a puppeteer from Stuttgart and also with our 1:1 CONCERTS: Europe and the arts know no borders here. The proximity to art plays the main role. So the motto is: come in, relax, take courage and go on your own journey of discovery with the artists.

Infos und Buchung:


Die Lampenwerkstatt Hosts: Bernd Vogel
Langestr 116
76530 baden-baden

Weinhelden Hosts: Pia von Drabich-Waechter
Langestr. 87
76530 baden-baden

Römische Badruinen Hosts: Patricia Tosana, Cornelia Buchmüller, Aline Vogt
Römerplatz 1
76530 baden-baden

Vickermann & Stoya Maßschuhe Hosts: Lea Kolbus, Mareike Heinz, Christian Vierling
Merkurstraße 3-5
76530 baden-baden