Australia 08.08. - 31.08.2021

Sally Walker spielt Flöte am Carrickalinga Strand in Australien.

Sally Walker (Flöte) am Carrickalinga Strand in Australien.

© Ettore Altomare

Following 456 1:1 Concerts and raising close to $25,000 for out of work musicians, the Australian 1:1 Concerts Team is taking a break. Although our arts industry will need significant time to build up from the impact of the pandemic, the musical landscape in Australia has fortunately changed positively, with 1:1 volunteer musicians now beginning to return to paid concerts, venues receiving commercial bookings and previously out of work hosts becoming employed again.

THANK YOU for your support of 1:1 Concerts.

Thomas Laue spielt das Carillon.

Thomas Laue (Carillon)

© Peter Hislop

Listener’s feedback:

From the moment the host met me till the end, it was profound. I’d read all the information but was still unprepared for what an intense and amazing experience it was.

A joint study between Griffith University and the Australian National University will explore the impact that these concerts have had and determine whether future Australian concerts should be a social project, a festival project or both.


Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres Canberra Gorman Arts Centre, Ainslie Ave, Braddon ACT 55
2612 Australien

Canberra Potters Watson Arts Centre Aspinall St. 1
2602 Australien

National Carillon Canberra Hosts: Thomas Laue
Aspen Island 1
2600 Australien

Old Parliament House Gardens Hosts: Multiple!
King George Terrace 18
2600 Australien

Wesley Uniting Church Hosts: Liz McKenzie
Northbourne Ave 69
2601 Australien

Christ Church Cathedral Hosts: Peter Guy
Church St 52
2300 Australien

Nineways Chiropractic Hosts: Inger Villadsen
Lambton Rd 1/7/9
2292 Australien

Valetudo Hair and Beauty Hosts: Amanda Kalldin
Date St, 132
2289 Australien

XO Studios Hosts: Dom
Lincoln St 10
3057 Australien

Seidler Penthouse Milsons Point Glen St. 2
2061 Australien

Cement Fondu Hosts: Sep
Gosbell St 36
2021 syndey

Cross Art Projects Hosts: Jo Holder
Llankelly Pl 8
2011 syndey

Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab Hosts: Penelope Seidler
UNSW Sydney 1
2052 syndey

Pitt St Uniting Church Hosts: John Floyd
Pitt St 264
2000 syndey