Interdisciplinary 1:1 Festival all over Stuttgart
25 venues – 100 artists – 500 performances

1:1 CONCERTS e.V., the Stuttgart State Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra are organising a festival weekend on 24 and 25 Juli 2021 dedicated  entirely to freelance artists. At 25 venues all over Stuttgart, 100 freelance artists from the disciplines of music, dance, drama, puppetry and artistry will perform over 500 individual 1:1 PERFORMANCES.

What is a 1:1 PERFORMANCE?
A 1:1 PERFORMANCE is an approx. 10-minute non-verbal encounter between one guest and one artist. An initial eye contact is the impulse for a personal individual performance – an intense experience for both sides, which enables proximity from a distance. Who will be performing? That remains a surprise. The festival explores new exciting venues as many Stuttgart hosts open their doors: an art gallery, a building site, a vantage point with a view over Stuttgart…. come and see! And listen!

Saturday, 24 July 2021, 3-8 p.m.
Sunday, 25 July 2021, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Free entry tickets can be booked via the website of the Stuttgart State Opera:
Contact for ticket enquiries: tickets@staatstheater-stuttgart.de

The charity aspect:
The 1:1 FESTIVAL gives freelance artists a paid stage and all donations made during the festival weekend are used to sustainably strengthen Stuttgart’s art scene. In solidarity, the musicians of the Stuttgart State Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra will once again raise funds for their freelance colleagues.
Donation account at GLS Bank:
IBAN: DE56430609671208500500


Participating artists

Ángel, Miguel, Flamenco – free Szene
Becker, Walter, Actor – CreArte
Bockemühl, Fionn, Cello – SWR Symphonieorchester
Boltersdorf, Meike, Vocals and synthesizer – free scene
Booz, Tabea, Vocals and e-Piano – free scene
Charisius, Stefan, Khora (African harp)­ – free scene
Dibbern, Lotte, Viola – free scene
Dietze, Ruben, Actor – free scene
Dorn, Christoph; Double Bass – SWR Symphonieorchester
Dönneweg, Hanno, Bassoon – SWR Symphonieorchester
Eißler, Philipp, Guitar and vocals – free scene
Fontaine, Cecilia, Vocals – free scene
Fornis, Nanny, Actor – CreArte
Friedrich, Stefanie, Actor – free scene
Fritzsche, Kirsten, Artistic performance – free scene
Gahe, Nestor, Dance – free scene
Gasratov, Timur, Piano – MuHo Freiburg
Gotman, Matia, Violin – SWR Symphonieorchester
Graf, Elena, Violin – Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Graneis, Peter, Guitar – free scene
Gunkel, Martina, Dance – free scene
Hegemann, Dirk, Viola – SWR Symphonieorchester
Hellebrand, Tim, Jugglery – free scene
Jäckel, Martl, Violin Tango/Klezmer – free scene
Jenne-Dönneweg, Gesa, Violin – SWR Symphonieorchester
Jenne, Obi, Percussions – free scene
Jochimsen, Jess, Vocals with accordion – free scene
Kerner, Jonas, Diabolo, Artistic performance – free scene
Khalil, Jonas, Guitar – free Szene
Koch, Holger, Violin, Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Kütük, Stefanie, Actor – CreArte
Lamersdorf, Nele, Flute – Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
Landshamer, Christina,
Vocals – HfM Trossingen
Lee, Vanessa, Artistic performance – free scene
Lutz, Marie-Louise, Vocals and Ukulele – free scene
Merz, Maja Iris, Singer/Songwriter Guitar / Harp / Piano – free scene
Omanga, Aurelie, Vocals – free scene
Osadcenko, Anna, Ballet – Stuttgarter Ballett
Ozaman, Cihan (Kemelion), Singer/Songwriter – free scene
Philippi-Seyffer, Ingrid, Viola – SWR Symphonieorchester
Polziehn, Olaf – Jazzpiano – free scene
Posthoff, Andreas, Actor – free scene
Reiß, Andrea, Violin, Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Rössle, Ekkehard, Saxophone – free scene
Schulz, Mini, Kontrabass – HmdK Stuttgart
Seewald, Fabian, Jugglery – free scene
Senoner, Claudia, Dance – free scene
Sibor, Lima – Saxophon – SWR Symphonie Orchestra
Skupin, Magdalena, Violin – Musikschule Bietigheim
Suhm, Patrick, Speech art – free scene
Sundqvist, Panu, Cello – SWR Symphonieorchester
Tillier, Markus, Cello – Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Truckenmüller, Hannah – Singer/Songwriter – free scene
van de Holz, Florijan, Singer/Songwriter – free scene
von Lüdinghausen, Thomas, Viola – Stuttgarter Philharmoniker
von Tippelskirch, Felix, Double Bass – SWR Symphonieorchester
Wagner, Frederike, Harp – Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Yüzbasioglu, Faris, Actor – JES
Wieland, Elisabeth, Oboe – free scene
Winker, Stephanie, flute – HfMDK Frankfurt/Main

Stephanie Winker & Christina Landshamer – 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., Projektleitung 1:1 FESTIVAL
Nena Wunder – Staatstheater Stuttgart
Sabrine Haane – SWR Symphonieorchester
Elizabeth Bowman, Helena Rittler, Karla Legner – Kommunikation, Staatsoper Stuttgart
Katharina Müller – Szenografie
Daniela Breinig – 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., Koordination 1:1 FESTIVAL
Jonas Khalil, Imke Valentien – 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. Team Stuttgart
Heike Bebenroth, Franziska Ritter – 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., Finanzen, Marketing

Kontakt Festival-Team
Daniela Breinig: daniela.breinig@1to1concerts.de

How it all began
The 1:1 FESTIVAL is based on the idea of the 1:1 CONCERTS, which enabled the first real concert experiences for one guest and one musician each at a safe distance at the beginning of the Corona pandemic in spring 2020. The 1:1 CONCERTS, which had already been tested before the pandemic at the chamber music festival in the Thuringian monastery of Volkenroda , began their journey around the world in Stuttgart a year ago. In Stuttgart alone, over 1,000 of these intimate musical encounters have taken place; internationally, well over 8,000 of these concerts have been played.

The 1:1 Festival is a joint project of 1:1 CONCERTS e.V., Staatsorchester Stuttgart, SWR Symphony Orchestra with the support of the Künstler:innen Soforthilfe Stuttgart, Pop-Büro Region Stuttgart, DUNDU, Stuttgarter Ballett, BIX Jazzclub, Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart, Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and Internationale Schauspielakademie CreArte

The project is made possible by donations from the Rotary Club Stuttgart-Fernsehturm, the Colla Parte Foundation Basel, Züblin and funds from the “Prize Innovation” of the German Orchestra Foundation.

Jonas Khalil (Gitarre )m Grabkapelle auf dem Württemberg (c) Wolf-Peter Steinheisser & Moritz Metzger
Jonas Khalil (Gitarre) Hafen Stuttgart (c) Nena Sindia Wunder
ITS Infoturm Stuttgart (c) Nena Sindia Wunder
Doris Erdmann, ITO Projektraum (c) Peter Granser
Kirsten Frantz, Mercedes Benz Museum (c) Reiner Pfisterer
Flughafen Stuttgart (c) Maks Richter
Philipp Körner (Violoncello) Galerie Valentien (c) Lotte Dibbern
Benedikt Büscher (Kontrabass) Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (c) Fanny Gaul
Elena Graf (Violine) Hafen Stuttgart (c) Oliver Wendel