The 1:1 CONCERTS are conquering Bavaria: Next weekend, Burg Schwaneck in Pullach will be the first venue in the Munich area!

The event series Burg & Bühne picks up the concept of the 1:1 CONCERTS and offers very personal, approximately 10-minute concert experiences on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June 7th at Burg Schwaneck – one listener and one musician meet each other at this smallest possible concert format at a corona-safe distance. During the 1:1 concerts, Burg & Bühne offers a forum for musicians of the Bavarian State Orchestra, the Munich Radio Orchestra and the Federal Police Orchestra Munich, who show their solidarity and support for musicians in need.

The 1:1 CONCERTS defy the Corona crisis, finally making real concert experiences possible again and turning the Knights’ Hall of Burg Schwaneck into a place of artistic power.

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Berlins Luft Luft Luft

After Stuttgart‘s impressive launch, 1:1 CONCERTS now meet Berlin Luft Luft Luft. The first test sessions already took us to Mitte and Neukölln… later this week we will explore Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg and wild wild Wedding. Stay tuned! If you know further suitable locations or would like to participate as a musician – write us.

How it all began…

Bachs Goldbergvariationen (c) Harald Heim, Szenografie: Franziska Ritter & Sophie von Mansberg

Since 2012, the summer concerts have been taking place in the Thuringian Volkenroda Monastery – a chamber music festival that explores the connection between classical music and architectural space. Once a year, this festival brings together performers from the most diverse disciplines (music, drama, dance, scenography, media art). Together the team explores this field of tension between the arts and develops new formats of encounter. In 2019 the festival motto was “simple”. So it was obvious to reduce the musical encounter between musician and listener to the simplest – a 1:1 CONCERT. Thus this concert format was born.

KLOSTER VOLKENRODA: Situated in the geographical centre of Germany and marked by an eventful history, the Volkenroda Monastery near Mühlhausen has become a place of hopeful departure. Volkenroda Monastery, founded in 1131, has the oldest Cistercian monastery church still preserved in Germany. Today, a fresh wind blows through old walls and a contemporary life unfolds in the coexistence of monastic community and youth education, culture and agriculture. The Christus-Pavillon by gmp Architekten is particularly noteworthy: the impressive building was sustainably reconstructed after the EXPO World Exposition in Volkenroda in 2000 and has been used intensively for cultural purposes ever since.


Donation to Charity Foundation

Due to the lockdown of almost all orchestras, choirs, opera and concert halls, music festivals and public and private music organizers, cultural and musical life currently faces one of the most serious crises since the end of World War II.

With our 1:1 CONCERTS you can support musicians who suffer hardship due to the cancellation of all concerts and performances as a result of the corona  crisis. We ask of our listeners and supporters to donate money to the charity foundation of the Charity Foundation of the Deutsche Orchesterstiftung or comparable regional funds.

We hope that 1:1 CONCERTS can thus make a substantial contribution to the preservation of our cultural landscape.

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A short documentary on ARD German Television

SWR, 8 May 2020

A host, a listener and a musician at a safe distance, no words, a 10 minutes concert ensues. What is it like to experience a private concert under these conditions? Felix Borel of the SWR Symphony Orchestra, Imke Valentien and Norman Schock have embarked on the adventure of a live concert in corona times and share their experience on German television.

Stuttgart’s kick off

Already during the first weeks of quarantine, long after all concert music had disappeared behind the screens, the flutist Prof. Stephanie Winker from Stuttgart came up with a brilliant idea: the concept of the 1:1 CONCERTS – as originally designed for the Volkenroda Summer Concerts 2019 – respected all official social distancing requirements due to the intimacy of the two-person encounter at a safe distance. It marked the longed-for return to the analogous concert experience. Many musicians from both the Staatsoper and the SWR Orchestra as well as the PR team of the orchestras were enthusiastic about the idea and worked tirelessly to help offically launch the 1:1 CONCERTS. An idyllic location was also quickly found: Imke Valentien provided the wonderful Galerie Valentien as a rehearsal location and a first meeting ended with very positive feedback from all participants – some of the listeners were deeply touched by the intensity and uniqueness of this intimate 1:1 encounter. Further rehearsal days followed and a collective decision was taken: this was the perfect opportunity for live music to return back on stage. Mindful Music – here and now instead of flickering screens and loudspeakers. Many more enthusiastic partners joined the team and 1:1 CONCERTS quickly turned into an amazing cross-institutional, creative art project.