This year, we are celebrating the harvest season with a very special cooperation: on Sunday, 7 November 2021, we will be featuring the 1:1 SAARKIND CONCERTS for the first time. At the beautiful Würtzberg vineyard in Serrig in Rhineland Palatinate, we will be combining both culinary and musical treats in 150 very special “blind dates” – meet winemakers and their regional wines as well as classical musicians from the Trier Philharmonic Orchestra and their freelance colleagues!

Venue: Winery Würtzberg, Würtzberg 1, 54455 Serrig
Date: 07 November 2021, 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Winery Würtzberg (c) Vanessa Weber


    • 2 very personal 1:1 moments at the Würtzberg Winery
    • 10 minutes of music and 10 minutes of wine tasting – to enjoy with all of your senses
    • Freelance musicians and their colleagues from the Philharmonic Orchestra Trier will treat you to a 1:1 CONCERT
    • Winemakers from the Saar Wine Estate Weber Brüder, the Winery Stefan Müller and the Winery Würtzberg will be guiding you through a silent and personal tasting.
    • Admission is free. Voluntary donations to the non-profit association 1:1 CONCERTS will support freelance musicians and artists.

At a 1:1 SAARKIND CONCERT, two approx. 10-minute non-verbal encounters will take place one after the other: one musical and one culinary. In each case, an opening eye contact is the impulse for a personal, completely individual experience. Who will perform, which instrument will be played, which pieces will be played, which wines will be tasted? All of that remains a surprise. An intense experience for both sides enabling proximity at a distanca and combining classical musical enjoyment with regional culinary delights. A mindful and pure experience with all senses.

The 1:1 SAARKIND CONCERTS slots are be published here.

Or write with name and time slot to

Each booking includes a 1:1 concert and a 1:1 wine tasting. Total duration: approx. 30 minutes. Afterwards, there will be some time to share the experience and taste further wines in the courtyard.

For a good cause
All this is for a good cause: admission is free, the musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Trier play as a solidary contribution to support their freelance colleagues. During the past year, many volunteers have helped this concert format fly all around the world and have helped offer freelance artists a stage. With your donation you can support the work of the non-profit organisation 1:1 CONCERTS e.V. – and enable us to strengthen culture and art and to conceive and realise projects like this one. THANKYOU.

Donation account at GLS Bank:

IBAN: DE56430609671208500500


SAARKIND and the vintners:inside

Saarkind, that’s 10 young winegrowers and winemakers from the Saar area: “Through our work with nature, we have learned to appreciate and love what surrounds us. So together we have dedicated ourselves to wine and our region and would like to share this with you! With our brand “Saarkind” we want to bring the importance of sustainable action to the fore! One thing we cherish especially: we are only guests here on this planet and have to deal carefully with our resources. “

Stefan & Johanna Müller, Winery Stefan Müller
Felix & Annalena Heimes, Winery Würtzberg
Stephan & Michael Weber, Saarweingut Weber Brüder

Musicians of the Philharmonic Orchestra Trier and the independent scene

The Philharmonic Orchestra of the City of Trier is our musical partner.  Orchestral musicians and freelance musicians play in solidarity, as is the tradition at 1:1 CONCERTS.

Yuliia Vasilkova – Violin, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Angela Simons – violoncello, free scene
Eva Rezsni – clarinet, independent scene
Wilma Koch – bassoon, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Renate Wege – horn, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Bernd Wege – horn, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Florian Chamot – trumpet, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Martin Chorell – trombone, free scene
Camille Renaud – trombone, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra
Andreas Sittmann – lute/vocals, independent scene
Organisation: Madalina Kaufmann, Trier Philharmonic Orchestra

Christian Siegmund, Franziska Ritter, Vanessa Weber-Mischke, Andreas Siegmund, Léa Villeneuve

Contact / Project Team
1:1 CONCERTS Team: Christian Siegmund, Franziska Ritter
SAARKIND Team: Vanessa Weber-Mischke, Carina Rump
Guest booking: Heike Bebenroth


How it all began and how it became possible!
The 1:1 SAARKIND CONCERTS project came about as part of the Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Award that both SAARKIND and 1:1 CONCERTS have been awarded by the German government in 2020.  Franziska and Vanessa had a “1:1 phone walk blind date” during one of the many online workshops, discovered many similarities between their companies… and both absolutely wished to cooperate in an amazing project! Voilà.

1:1 SAARKIND CONCERTS are funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media based on a resolution of the German Bundestag – and the “Landmusik” programme of the German Music Council.

Photos: Vanessa Weber, Astis Krause
Portraits Bernd Wege, Renate Wege and Wilma Koch: © Martin Kaufhold
Portraits Florian Chamot and Yuliia Vaylkova: © Marco Piecuch