After the 1:1 CONCERTS we receive a lot of moving feedback, which we are happy to share with you here. Feel free to send us your feedback to – we will pass it on to the musicians and hosts!


C.Z., 1:1 in der Galerie Morat, Berlin-Mitte, Juni 2020
“A great experience, short and very intense, probably also because of the silence before and after the concert. The music hits you with full vigour, since you are so much closer to the musician than in a normal concert. Diana Tishchenko had a wonderful tone and expression and I was very happy with Bach; this little concert was a bit like a precious chocolate filled with praline, a very special musical delicacy.”

A.C., Gallery Valentien, Stuttgart, Mai 2020
In a real space
My eyes are telling you a thousand words
Loud and aching, tender alike.
You hear and see, connected to me
Until everything falls silent and opens up
A first sound breaking through the space
makes my skin vibrate
penetrating the meat
To the bone
Heart and lungs are breathing aloud.
Like waterfalls these sounds keep flooding all spaces
that the absence has drained.
Open up the door and gate to the soul
Let in the air
What space are we entering
when we may hear, see, marvel?
Living space! I need you
Your word, your sound is alive within me
For good
It breathes, talks and thinks.
The sound reverberates.
The marvel will last
Oh miracle, you
without you what would I be:
The arts.”

J.C in der Sankt Augustin Kirche, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, Mai 2020
“Today, I had this wonderful, magical moment in church and I am very grateful for it. It touched me very deeply: the atmosphere, the music and the fact that it was played just for me. Being a guitarist myself since over 20 years, it was the first time ever that this precious gift of music was given to me.”

H.S. in der Praxis Julia Bergmann, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Juni 2020
„After my 1:1 CONCERT, I had the impression that the piece of music chosen by the violinist, after the long eye contact, was a perfect match for me. The physical dimensions (movements, the physical response to the music) are much more important when you are a single listener and not part of an audience or, respectively, when the musician is part of an orchestra. In this respect, the 1:1 CONCERT felt more than just listening to music in a very particular situation. Moreover, my host was Julia Bergmann, a hypno-therapist, who works mainly with pregnant women. When would I have ever visited her working space other than by being a listener of a 1:1 CONCERT. This added a humorous character to my concert appointment. Thank you very much for the initiative and the accomplishment of this concept.“

H.v.W., in den YUKA Studios, Berlin-Neukölln, Mai 2020
“Jochen Hoffmann played CPE Bach, Debussy and Marais for me and I must say I am still completely ravished with this experience. It was all so wonderful: starting with the warm welcome of Ms. Mathern and the glass of water she offered to the set-up of the room and of course the incredibly intense and touching experience of sitting opposite a real person, looking into his eyes for a minute and then listening to his music and seeing and feeling him over the short distance. Once more, it became painfully clear to me how little the online surrogates, however well made and meant, are fit to replace the human face-to-face encounter. I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for organising these concerts and with this letter, I would like to encourage you to carry on. I can hardly imagine how much work and personal commitment is involved in the organisation and so I want you to know how positive and, I deliberately use this somewhat pathetic word, how healing your project appears to me.“


Heather Cottrell, Violine (Sinfonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks)
“It was a great experience for me and really reminded me of the giving aspect of performing, which all too often I tend to forget while worrying about trying to meet my own standards! Thank you for the opportunity to rediscover those aspects.“

Laura Ruiz Ferreres, Clarinette (HfMDK Frankfurt): “We have to be very open in this situation and empathise with the listener. It was very special for me to choose exactly the piece of music I truly wanted to dedicate to the listener. It is not only demanding on a musical but also human or emotional level. I really loved these concerts!”

Felix Winker, Horn (Staatstheater Augsburg): “I strongly felt my responsibility for the quality of the encounter – the musician’s inner peace and confidence somehow sets the atmosphere for the listener. The almost ritualised procedures were very helpful in this. It was a truly intense experience.”

Anna Schors, Mezzosopran, (Berlin): „It was a very happy and touching experience for me to have the opportunity to make music in such an intimate setting. There is absolutely nothing, not even an instrument or music stand, that comes between a singer and a listener when the singing is unaccompanied: both experience the moment very intensely and directly (the listeners’ feedback sheets confirmed that). Also the words of what is sung become much more powerful. I especially loved the magic circle of candles that Father Max had set up – I felt very safe and protected in it. It was a great experience for me to feel which songs spontaneously poured out of me depending on the person sitting opposite me.

Stephanie Winker, Flöte (HfMDK Frankfurt): “The initial eye contact was very emotional: after a while something inside of each of us started to melt and I had the feeling of looking deep into the soul of my counterpart. It is unbelievable how much sorrow or peace werehidden within. I was amazed and delighted at how little attention the technical execution of my pieces required in these moments. I was completely connected with with my listener and experienced a strong reconnection to the reason why we make music at all. The concerts have given me a lot of energy as a musician.”

Anne Wiechmann-Milatz, Viola (Gewandhausorchester Leipzig): “Playing the 1:1 concerts was a very emotional experience for me. The silent opening is characterised by a deep eye contact that you cannot withdraw from. It establishes a very special relationship between the player and the listener and how I then choose to play the piece comes spontaneously. I played the Prelude from the 1st Suite by Johann Sebastian Bach several times, and sometimes we parted with delighted laughter, sometimes seriously and thoughtfully. And one time we both parted with tears in our eyes. It is a great experience for both sides to experience music in such a special way.”

Moritz Winker, Fagott (Bayerische Staatsoper München): “One of my listeners cried, another one thanked me in a letter afterwards. One thing’s for sure: These concerts don’t leave you cold.”

Amy Norrington, Violoncello (Brüssel): “The 1:1 experience was for me one of the most intense and profound performing experiences ever! Each person who entered into my cave (I was playing in a wine cellar) brought a new atmosphere and personality of course. This made me so aware of the importance in the role of the audience. It brought me closer to or reminded me of what a performance is for, and that as musicians, we are trying to reach people directly and to move them and to share in a live, personal exchange helped by the music. Me and my one audience member were on the same level and were both giving and taking. I can highly recommend it to musicians and to audience alike!! Just wonderful!”


Imke Valentien, Galerie Valentien (Stuttgart)
“It is a great pleasure for me to share my gallery space and thus make a contribution to musicians in distress. The cooperation with the 1:1 team as well as the organisation of the concerts are carefully planned and wherever questions arise I am always provided with the necessary information. Music is a gift for the soul. Space and sound – in their synergy with the pictures of my exhibition – are mutually carrying each other. Now, spreading the concept to other venues will be exciting because in a barn, a factory, a private room, there are other synergies that can add a new focus to the same piece of music.”

Dagmar Streibl, Gastgeberin (Kloster Volkenroda)
It felt very exciting when  I curiously embarked on the adventure of facilitating this exciting encounter between people and music at a 1:1 CONCERT. The result was simply amazing, dreamlike, touching and emotional. It made artists, guests and me equally contemplative, speechless, moved, thoughtful, amazed, thoughtful, astonished and grateful.”

Andreas Siegmund, Gastgeber (Salon S, Berlin): “As a host and facilitator I was able to experience many emotionally touching encounters: intimate encounters between two people who have never met each other before yet became one for a moment in time. Encounters where people experience music as they have never before. The magic of the moment – as short as it may be – lasts for a very long time”.