1:1 CONCERTS sind „Inside Artists” beim Beethovenfest Bonn 03. April 2024


With Inside Artists, the Beethovenfest Bonn and the Liz Mohn Foundation are initiating a pilot project as part of the Federal Cultural Foundation's ‘tuned - Network for Contemporary Classical Music’ programme exploring new forms of collaboration between artists and institutions. From over 50 applications for 2024 five artists were selected - including our artistic directors Franziska and Christian. As a coach for organisational development, Prof. Dr. Martin Zierold will accompany the process of the INSIDE ARITSTS residency with several workshops.

Together with Bonn based artist Saman Haddad and the Programming department od Beethovenfest, Franziska and Christian have been working together since January 2024. They are designing new formats closely focussing on the ideas of ‘togetherness’, encounter and relationship. In addition, an encounter format based on the classical 1:1 CONCERT is being created for the festival centre, which invites people to (musically) engage with the Grundgesetz (German Federal Constitution) which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year.

We would also like to introduce you to the other Beethovenfest INSIDE ARTISTS: The poet and pianist Daniel Gerzenberg is working with the Beethovenfest's development department to address the sensitive topic of sexualised violence in cultural institutions. In this context, a support centre for those affected is to be created at the Beethovenfest. The artist, photographer and filmmaker Tobias Zielony and the filmmaker and artist Cana Bilir-Meier are exploring new ways of visual storytelling with the festival's communications department.

Rethinking existing forms of production and presentation in the classical music sector

The current production conditions of art projects in classical cultural institutions are increasingly leading to a loss of the ability to establish relationships between cultural institutions and artists. This is particularly true in the strongly ‘product-oriented’ classical music landscape: artists usually give guest performances with ready-made programmes, which results in a homogenisation of the cultural programme and at the same time leaves potential for creative and organisational collaboration between artists and institutions unused.

Promoting creative forms of work between artistic practice and institutional music education

The aim of INSIDE ARTISTS is, on the one hand, to offer the artists optimal conditions to work together with the Beethovenfest team to develop valuable starting points for organisational development within the institution through closely interlinked content-related cooperation and various coaching sessions. On the other hand, extraordinary art projects are to be developed and realised during the 2024 and 2025 festival years. This will enable new forms of cooperation between artists and institutions and offer the best possible production conditions and freedom for intensive artistic co-creation.

1:1 CONCERTS as the smallest concert format and prototype of excellent hospitality

Within the 1:1 CONCERT experience, a musician and a listener meet for a 10-minute concert in a musical blind date at surprising locations. With the smallest possible concert format, our INSIDE ARTISTS Franziska Ritter and Christian Siegmund have created a testing ground for exploring how concerts can create more resonance, encounters and experiential spaces and how good hospitality can succeed. The concept is multi-part: a host accompanies the listener individually at each concert. A musician engages with the listener and tries to guess which piece of music the situation needs in a silent prelude. After the concert, the listener and musician exchange personal letters.

6* experience of a concert visit and design of this year's festival centre

As INSIDE ARTISTS of the Beethovenfest, Franziska Ritter and Christian Siegmund contribute their concept and their interdisciplinary expertise in the fields of scenography, architecture and linguistics. With their know-how as hosts and concert designers, they advise the festival's programme and education team. Together, they will develop an exemplary 6* experience for the Beethovenfest, i.e. an experience of a concert visit that goes beyond the norm - for the artists, the audience and the Beethovenfest team. Based on this model concept, the first prototypical implementations are to be developed in order to convey a welcome feeling to everyone involved in the festival that is characterised by good encounters and a high emotional connection. This will also result in exciting synergies with Saman Haddad, cultural mediator from Bonn and another inside artist of the programme and mediation team. The result is a model with concrete guidelines for action. Franziska Ritter and Christian Siegmund, as artistic directors of the non-profit organisation 1:1 CONCERTS e. V. (donations for freelance artists are collected on an ongoing basis through a donation cycle), will transfer their findings to other projects and structures that will then be established in various cities and with other institutions following successful testing.

The themes of this project will also be reflected in this year's Beethovenfest Festival Centre, in the planning and design of which the two Inside Artists are actively involved. The focus will be on issues ranging from the inviting design of squares and spaces to a special adaptation of the 1:1 CONCERTS on the theme of democracy.


Clara Gölz - Team Programme/Education Beethovenfest Bonn
Lydia Kappesser - Team Programme/Education Beethovenfest Bonn
Marion Leuschner - Team Programme/Education Beethovenfest Bonn
Annette Semrau - Team Programme Beethovenfest Bonn
Franziska Ritter - 1:1 CONCERTS, Berlin
Christian Siegmund - 1:1 CONCERTS, Berlin