Interdisciplinary 1:1 project in Frankfurt!

Together with directing, acting and dance students of HfMDK Frankfurt, we are setting out to expand the 1:1 CONCERT format.

The experimental rehearsal work has begun (corona-proof, of course) and we gaining many new insights along the way: How can we design a stage that is also suitable for dancers and actors? How does the space for resonance, the relationship between proximity and distance change with the new disciplines? What dramaturgical, perhaps even digital, variations can be found in the role of host? How can an entire university building be enlivened simultaneously with these manifold 1:1 PERFORMANCES?

Each test run is another adventure, an explosion of exciting ideas and creative fresh spirit. Acting student Laura Nikolich reports on her first experiences:

„For me, 1:1 CONCERTS are encounters that are beyond the realm of everyday life: two perfect strangers become allies, with a constant reference to the stage and its transience. I read old love letters and poems for people I do not know and yet for a moment we seem to know or recognize each other. That could be called magical, or performative, or primal. We theatricalise processes that are not inherently theatrical, such as paying attention to each other, trusting each other, making ourselves vulnerable. We research on both sides – artists and spectators – and the traces don’t get lost, even when the ten minutes are up.”

Intrigued? On 30.4.2021 we will venture on stage for the first time: at the New Music Night at the HfMDK, under the motto “so far so near” we can perform live! After that, the 1:1 PERFORMANCES are to be anchored in the university’s programme.

Dieter Heitkamp (dance)
Hans-Ulrich Becker (production)
Silke Rüdinger (Acting/Recitation)
Henriette Meyer-Ravenstein (singing)
Stephanie Winker  (flute)
supported by Karin Dietrich (dramaturgy conptempory music)

Aline Aubert, Ariadni Agnanti, Konrad Amrhein, Carmen Artaza, Alicia Bischoff, Julian Böttcher, Theresa Bub, Carolin Grün, Gil Hoz-Klemme, Eunbin Kim, Olga Koring, Abril Lukac, Nora Solcher, Regina Reiter, Stefanie Tran Thu.

For our 1:1 CONCERTS team assistant Léa Villeneuve, this is her “baptism of fire“: in addition to the many new tasks in the team, she is mastering the logistical implementation of her first performance marathon in Frankfurt.

@Creditfoto Léa Villeneuve