Photos: (c) Lutz Edelhoff, Theatre Photographer

After Stuttgart, Freiburg, Dresden and Berlin, in Erfurt 1:1 CONCERTS with be played by musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Erfurt Theatre at various locations from 2nd June – here you can see some rehearsal photos at the  Ba Badiyel Restaurant.  Among other musicians, you will encounter Anna Cuchal (flute) and Joachim Kelber (viola), Stephanie Appelhans (violin). In addition to the musicians of the Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra, cathedral organist Silvius von Kessel will also take part in the 1:1 CONCERTS on some dates.

Erfurt 1:1 CONCERTS can be booked on this website.

Participating venues:
Restaurant Ba Badiyel.
Galerie Rothamel
Haus Dacheröden
Hoher Dom