AUSTRALIA – 1:1 concerts. 

UPDATE: We will take a break from 1:1 Concerts after April. Although our arts industry will take significant time to build up from the impact of the pandemic, the musical landscape in Australia has fortunately changed positively, with 1:1 volunteer musicians now beginning to return to paid concerts, venues receiving commercial bookings and previously out of work hosts becoming employed again.

The only concerts available are limited to those listed on this website.

Flautist Sally Walker. Photo: Ettore Altomare

As a listener in a 1:1 CONCERT©, we offer you a very special experience. You can enjoy a live performance again without violating the Corona-related distance rules and legal requirements. The 1:1 CONCERT© is an intimate and unforgettable musical experience. It gives you the unique opportunity to experience a concert program chosen and performed exclusively for you; immersing you in the here and now.

2021 Australian 1:1 concerts will take place in  Brisbane, Canberra, Maitland, Melbourne,  Hobart, Newcastle and Sydney.  Please keep checking this website; as soon as concert dates book out, new ones will be added.

Reserve a  1:1 CONCERT via Email . If you have a problem with this link, please email (with desired city, time slot and you contact details). Please indicate if this concert is a gift.

LAST CONCERTS until further notice (crossed out concerts are booked out)


Wednesday 10th March, Seidler Penthouse, Milsons Point
5 pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm

Monday 15th March, Pitt Street Uniting Church 
5 pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm

Monday 24th March, XArt Projects
5 pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm


Tuesday March 16th, Gorman House Arts Centre, Ainslie (booked out)
5pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6pm | 6.20pm | 6.40pm

Tuesday March 30th, Residence of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Red Hill
5pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6pm | 6.20pm | 6.40pm


Thursday March 4th , Maitland Regional Art Gallery (booked out)
5 pm | 5.20 pm | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm

Thursday March 18th , Christ Church Cathedral
5 pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm

Thursday  April 1st , Newcastle Bush, Wallsend (booked out)
5 pm | 5.20 | 5.40 pm | 6 pm | 6.20 pm | 6.40 pm


Sunday  March 14th , Justin Art House Museum, Prahran (booked out)
4 pm | 4.20 | 4.40 pm | 5 pm | 5.20 pm | 5.40 pm


Saturday March 13th, Nickson Room,  University of Queensland School of Music (booked out)
2 pm | 2.30 | 3 pm | 3.30 pm | 4 pm | 4.30 pm

Saturday April  17th , Nickson Room,  University of Queensland School of Music
2 pm | 2.30 | 3 pm | 3.30 pm | 4 pm | 4.30 pm



Carillonist Thomas Laue – National Carillon (Canberra). Photo by Peter Hislop.

“From the moment the host met me till the end, it was profound. I’d read all the information but was still unprepared for what an intense and amazing experience it was.” Listener.

You request a concert date online and receive an email confirming the exact location where you go to (at least 5 minutes before the given time slot). A host* will welcome you there and explain all the important steps, so you can completely immerse yourself in your concert experience. After the host has escorted you to the venue, you will be seated opposite the musician on a chair at a safe distance (at least 2 metres). Whether you hear an opera singer, a cellist, a flautist, a jazz vocalist, a lutenist, a pianist, a violinist or an oudist will come as a surprise.  Your communication with the musician takes place wordlessly, in complete silence. The musician will make eye contact with you and hold it for about 1 minute. This results in a connection unknown to many participants, from which the music grows in harmoniously between the listener and musician. Try to get involved in this contact, which may be unusual at first, because it is from this eye contact that the musician chooses the piece or pieces that best suits this individual encounter.

Singer Rachael Thoms – Canberra Potters. Photo by Peter Hislop.

“An experience of a lifetime” Host, Valetudo Hair and Beauty.

The performed piece is not announced, allowing you to remain completely absorbed in the moment and the music. At the end of the concert, the musician(s) will escort you out and you will receive information from the host(s) about the instrument and artist(s) and the work performed.

Composer/Pianist Elena Kats-Chernin – Pitt St Uniting Church (Sydney).        Photo by Anna D’Ersu.

“if I had a million dollars, that is what I would give for what I just experienced as that is what it is worth.Listener

Soprano/Cellist Taryn Fiebig – Cross Art Projects (Sydney).                                         Photo by Anna D’Ersu

“The experience was profound for all of us, enjoyed by the “one person” audience: patients and staff in the clinic on the day. As a team we would love to host further “Concerts for One” events.”  Nineways Chiropractic Clinic

Neither the artists nor the hosts receive a fee for this project. There is no ticket price, however, we do ask you to make a donation to Freelance Artist Relief Australia to support musicians whose existence is threatened need emergency relief from loss of income due to the Covid-related cancellation of all concerts and performances.  In this way, you can also ensure that you can enjoy your music in the time after the current concert restrictions.

Oudist Kim Cunio – Canberra Potters. Photo by Peter Hislop

“A spiritual experience like nothing else I have ever experienced.”  Listener

Baroque Violinist Simone Slattery – Christ Church Cathedral (Newcastle).    Photo by Jen Hankin.

It was magical under the trees looking into the bush on a crisp July evening. So good to have live music, especially 1 to 1.” Listener.

1:1 CONCERTS© in Australia are organised by Sally Walker.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions:

Flautist Sally Walker – Newcastle Bush. Photo by Greg Kerr


Participating Musicians in Australia:







  • Martin Penicka Cello
  • Simone Walters Bassoon


Adelaide Festival is hosting 1:1: CONCERTS in an adapted version , where concerts are ticketed.

Hosts in Australia:

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Donations go to: Freelance Artist Relief Australia

Freeland Artist Relief Australia