Stuttgart plays again in November – now with musicians from the independent scene!

It goes on! After the Staatsorchester Stuttgart and the SWR Symphonieorchesterhave played over 1000 concerts throughout the city in the last year and a half and have enchanted the city with the grandiose 1:1 FESTIVAL, we can now, thanks to the many generous donations, also offer musicians from free scene a stage with the project! Continue reading “Stuttgart plays again in November – now with musicians from the independent scene!”

Interdisciplinary 1:1 FESTIVAL in Stuttgart

Together with Staatsorchester Stuttgart and SWR Symphonieorchester, we are creating an interdisciplinary festival weekend in Stuttgart on 24 and 25 July 2021 – with the aim of supporting freelance artists! At 25 venues, 100 freelance artists from the disciplines of music, dance, drama, puppetry and artistry will perform in over 500 individual 1:1 PERFORMANCES. Continue reading “Interdisciplinary 1:1 FESTIVAL in Stuttgart”

Interdisciplinary 1:1 PERFORMANCES of the HfMDK Frankfurt

After thepremiere of the interdisciplinary 1:1 PERFORMANCES at the New Music Night 3. 0 at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt, we are very pleased that the 1:1 PERFORMANCES are now available for the Frankfurt public to experience! Continue reading “Interdisciplinary 1:1 PERFORMANCES of the HfMDK Frankfurt”

Berlins Luft Luft Luft

After Stuttgart‘s impressive launch, 1:1 CONCERTS now meet Berlin Luft Luft Luft. The first test sessions already took us to Mitte and Neukölln… later this week we will explore Charlottenburg, Prenzlauer Berg and wild wild Wedding. Stay tuned! If you know further suitable locations or would like to participate as a musician – write us.

How it all began…

Bachs Goldbergvariationen (c) Harald Heim, Szenografie: Franziska Ritter & Sophie von Mansberg

Since 2012, the summer concerts have been taking place in the Thuringian Volkenroda Monastery – a chamber music festival that explores the connection between classical music and architectural space. Once a year, this festival brings together performers from the most diverse disciplines (music, drama, dance, scenography, media art). Together the team explores this field of tension between the arts and develops new formats of encounter. In 2019 the festival motto was “simple”. So it was obvious to reduce the musical encounter between musician and listener to the simplest – a 1:1 CONCERT. Thus this concert format was born. Continue reading “How it all began…”

A short documentary on ARD German Television

SWR, 8 May 2020

A host, a listener and a musician at a safe distance, no words, a 10 minutes concert ensues. What is it like to experience a private concert under these conditions? Felix Borel of the SWR Symphony Orchestra, Imke Valentien and Norman Schock have embarked on the adventure of a live concert in corona times and share their experience on German television.

Stuttgart’s kick off

Already during the first weeks of quarantine, long after all concert music had disappeared behind the screens, the flutist Prof. Stephanie Winker from Stuttgart came up with a brilliant idea: the concept of the 1:1 CONCERTS – as originally designed for the Volkenroda Summer Concerts 2019 – respected all official social distancing requirements due to the intimacy of the two-person encounter at a safe distance. It marked the longed-for return to the analogous concert experience. Continue reading “Stuttgart’s kick off”